Crypto Investment USA: 7 Coins You Should Know About

Cryptocurrencies have grown from nothing to become one of the US’s predominant digital investment asset classes. After a particularly challenging 2022, the US economy has shown the strongest recovery among G7 nations this year, with modest growth pinned just above 2% for the first two quarters of 2023 despite ongoing high inflation rates and higher-than-usual interest rates.

In recent weeks, this has manifested in the dollar recovering from weaknesses midway through 2023, returning close to its value against GBP at the start of the year in early October after plummeting in the summer and showing similar growth against the Euro. After finding itself trading at 0.888 on July 18th, 2023, it is now worth 0.945 USD/EUR nearly three months on.

With the US economy strengthening in Q4 of 2023, crypto USA projects continue showing greater price pumps ahead of the next (BTC) halving event in 2024. With history suggesting that a crypto bull market run is likely to follow hot on the heels of the BTC halving, now is an excellent time for crypto investors, 94% of whom in the US are made up of Gen-Z and Millennials aged between 18 and 40, to get their digital investments ready and maximize profits over the next 18 months.

Yet, the crypto USA market has become increasingly challenging to navigate, with a plethora of new coins hitting the market aiming to upset the status quo and the regulatory landscape becoming more difficult to understand. Indeed, some ask, “Is crypto a good investment in 2023?”

Here is the list of the best crypto investments to help demystify the daunting prospect of selecting the most profitable options in the crypto market.

The best crypto USA investments today:

  • Memeinator (MMTR): Meme coin harnessing AI to improve meme culture
  • Bitcoin (BTC): The original cryptocurrency that leads the way for others to follow
  • (ETH): Well-established blockchain giant offers investment stability
  • Morpheus.Network (MNW): Seeking to resolve global supply chain inefficiencies
  • (XRP): Decentralized finance solution redefining international payments
  • HELLO Labs (HELLO): The future of entertainment powered by the blockchain
  • SingularityNET (AGIX): Building, sharing, and monetizing AI services
  • (DOGE): Original meme coin with real currency potential

1. Memeinator (MMTR): Meme coin harnessing AI to improve meme culture

Meme coins have been part of the massive rise of cryptocurrency in the US, gaining traction as investment cryptos despite, in many cases, lacking any inherent utility or value. One new meme coin that’s just launched its crypto ICO, Memeinator, aims to change the narrative with its artificial intelligence-driven capability and blockchain gaming experience.

Launched as an antidote to the low-value, highly volatile nature of meme coins saturating the market, Memeinator is growing a legion of disaffected meme coin fans intent on cleaning up the landscape while overhauling the quality of meme culture for the better. To deliver this, Memeinator is a meme coin offering more utility than its competitors.

With its alluring combination of appealing branding based on the famous Terminator movie franchise of the 1990s, the inherently fun nature of meme coins, cutting-edge AI technology, and an attractive online gaming experience, Memeinator is a rebel with a cause as it seeks to become the next $1 billion meme coin by market cap.

AI technology powers the Memescanner tool, which scans the internet for dreadful meme coins. The Memescanner dynamically feeds these coins as characters into the Meme Warfare game, in which players embody Memeinator and destroy competitors in any way they see fit. This shoot-em-up game is a new idea in the blockchain arena and is already attracting an army of fans.

This is all powered by the MMTR token, which recently launched its ICO at just $0.01 per token. With a 29-stage presale now in progress, during which the coin will increase in value to $0.049, the chance for investors to make up to 390% returns without them lifting a finger is now on!

In addition to the cutting-edge Meme Warfare game, and growing grassroots resistance movement, Memeinator is employing outstanding deflationary tokenomics that includes a quarterly token burn designed to limit the number of tokens on the open market, keep buy pressure for the coin high, and help the MMTR value go into orbit.

US crypto fans are always hunting for the best crypto investment likely to drive home huge returns, and it’d take a brave soul to stand in Memeinator’s path. You can find more information, including how to buy MMTR, on the Memeinator website

2. Bitcoin (BTC): The original cryptocurrency that leads the way for others to follow

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, tracing its origins back to 2009. Since growing into the number one established cryptocurrency on the market, it now accounts for almost 50% of the overall crypto market valuation, thanks to its market cap of nearly $550 billion.

Any crypto investor will point to the market’s volatile nature as one of its main attractions. With the thrill of enormous rewards comes the risk of appalling losses. Yet, history has proven that one of the best ways for Gen-Z and Millenials to protect themselves against this inherently volatile price movement is to invest in established, big-name projects.

And none come any bigger than Bitcoin. Known as digital , it is the weather vane for the performance other crypto projects experience. If Bitcoin performs strongly, crypto projects across the board enjoy price pumps. Another deflationary coin, BTC, undergoes a halving event every four years to restrict the number of tokens held on exchanges. This pushes demand for BTC higher, raising the value of Bitcoin.

As a result, crypto markets often experience bull runs shortly after BTC halving events. This makes Bitcoin a hugely appealing asset to HODL in the long term. In addition to the next halving scheduled for 2024, the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has become one of the most desired ETFs on the marketplace, driving this crypto behemoth’s appeal into the stratosphere. 

All of which still marks Bitcoin as one of the best crypto investments around.

3. Ethereum (ETH): Well-established blockchain giant offers investment stability

Ethereum is another well-established cryptocurrency offering assurance to US crypto investors thanks to its high market cap. At the time of writing, Ethereum is valued at nearly $200 billion, which accounts for approximately 19% of the overall crypto market value.

Where Bitcoin is little more than a tool to enable peer-to-peer online payments, Ethereum’s blockchain solution provides the network infrastructure for many decentralized applications (dApps) in the Web3 sphere and one of the leading smart contract protocols. Other uses for Ethereum include hosting GameFi platforms, enabling the creation and trading of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and hosting some of the leading crypto exchanges.

Ethereum is the prime mover of altcoins in the cryptosphere. It is working on new developments to significantly boost its functionality and ward off the challenges of significant layer-2 blockchain solutions such as . These upgrades include a move to sharding, which could boost Ethereum’s capacity from its current rate of 13 transactions per second (TPS) to up to 100,000 TPS, hugely increasing its throughput potential and ranking it alongside other blockchain providers.

Sharding is expected to cement Ethereum’s position as the blockchain provider of choice for most Web3 platforms and significantly boost its reputation as an investment crypto and its market cap ahead of the next bull market run. This makes it still one of the best crypto investments for US-based investors.

4. Morpheus.Network (MNW): Seeking to resolve global supply chain inefficiencies

The World Bank has categorized inefficiencies in the global supply chain as the #1 problem to solve to stimulate economic growth. This industry is worth $15 trillion. Morpheus.The network aims to resolve these inefficiencies using blockchain technology and smart contracts and has enormous industry backing.

Their expert team includes experience in development in huge growth tech industries, including blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, supply chain import and export, security, banking, tax accounting, legal regulations, and project management. In short, Morpheus.The network has all bases covered.

The native MNW token fuels the automation of the Morpheus.Network platform. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the MNW coin allows smart contracts to be used as automated work contracts. This speeds up the entire process, enabling users to automate shipping international payments and to produce custom documents. In addition, users can trade their tokens to pay transaction fees on Morpheus.Network.

The result is a streamlined global supply chain process all in one place. With the need for efficient global supply chain solutions only likely to grow in the coming years, MNW could be one of the best cryptocurrency coins to purchase this year.

5. Ripple (XRP): Decentralized finance solution redefining international payments

Ripple is a shining example of what can happen…

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