Bitcoin Pressures Bears As UTXO In Profit Hits 1-Month High! Is The BTC Price Poised For

Bitcoin’s price failed to meet buyers’ demand in recent hours as it dropped heavily below the resistance level of $27,000. At present, the market leans bearish, with whale investors shifting to a selling sentiment and a decrease in open interest from traders. Yet, despite this sell-off trend, some crucial on-chain metrics hint at a potential bullish rebound.

Bears Might Be Trapped Soon

BTC’s value faced a significant drop after struggling to maintain its position around $27K. Coinglass data shows a massive $14 million in long positions were liquidated in a few hours as the BTC price dipped from $27K.

Despite the rising sell-off momentum, a specific on-chain indicator offers a positive hope that could offset Bitcoin’s declining trend. Data from Glassnode indicates that the number of BTC UTXOs in profit has hit a one-month high at 124,578,285.643.

UTXO stands for the unspent portion of Bitcoin after a transaction is completed. When this number is profitable, it signifies that the value of these remaining Bitcoins is greater than when they were last transacted or used. As more investors are in a gainful state with less motivation to offload, the likelihood of a sudden bearish downturn declines, thereby trapping the bears.

Yet, traders are showing hesitancy in initiating future positions in Bitcoin due to its mixed price movements. Data suggests that the open interest (OI) for Bitcoin is on a downward trend, dropping by more than $600 million within a day.

A decline in open interest can have a deep influence on Bitcoin’s value. In the short term, this could cause price swings, and over an extended period, it might hint at a more conservative or downward sentiment unless balanced by other favorable market signals.

What’s Next For BTC Price?

Bitcoin is encountering significant resistance at the 50-day EMA priced at $26,711, suggesting that bearish traders are attempting to prevent its recovery. However, bulls are aggressively defending a decline below the $26,500, suggesting increase in buying demand near the level. As of writing, BTC price trades at $26,605, surging over 0.25% from yesterday’s rate.

The declining exponential moving averages combined with the relative strength index (RSI) trading below the midline, signals that the bears have the upper hand. However, a surge above the 20-day EMA could strengthen the chances of Bitcoin surpassing the crucial $27,000 mark, pushing the price to a value of $28,137.

On the bearish side, if Bitcoin’s price dips and breaches the $26,200 level, it would imply that bearish sentiments are dominating the current levels. If the price drops and settles below $26,000, this could trigger intensified selling, potentially driving the price down to the support level of $24,944.

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