Government shutdown threat looming for Minnesota lawmakers

Congress is fast approaching an end-of-the-month deadline to fund the federal government as dysfunction on Capitol Hill threatens to bring about a shutdown.

The more bipartisan Senate appears keen to avoid such a fate.

“I am still hopeful that we’ll be able to get through it,” Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar said.

But the GOP conference on the House side is looming as a major challenge.

Time is running short to pass full year government funding bills by the end of September, but lawmakers can pass a short-term patch known as a continuing resolution to fund the government while lawmakers figure out a longer term plan for the rest of the upcoming fiscal year.

Even that route could prove difficult in the House, where Republicans’ narrow majority is a near-constant challenge for leadership.

“We’re just going to keep working with every single Republican member and try to keep doing the job that we’ve been doing,” House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota said during a news conference.

Asked if he was confident House Republicans would be able to fund the government by the…

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