3 Best Crypto to Buy Now in the Market Crash: Ecoterra, Launchpad XYZ, and Deelance

The biggest tokens in crypto have been sliding throughout the month. Bitcoin is down 6.7%, while Ethereum is down 3.6%.

Investors have been leaving major crypto tokens in search of better returns elsewhere. For some investors, that means looking to US treasuries, which are offering unusually high interest rates. For others, emerging crypto tokens with explosive potential are the most attractive assets to buy right now.

Buying the right presale crypto can yield enormous returns of 100x or more. The trick is figuring out which new crypto projects have the investor support, utility, and tokenomics to soar.

Let’s take a closer look at three promising crypto projects that investors can buy on presale right now.

Green Crypto Ecoterra Pioneering Recycle-to-Earn, Raises $4.2 Million

Ecoterra is a sustainability-focused crypto project that’s developing a unique recycle-to-earn rewards platform.

With Ecoterra’s Web3 app, users can scan the barcode on any piece of packaging that they want to recycle. Ecoterra will then match the packaging with a material in its database and calculate a recycling reward in $ECOTERRA tokens.

To claim the reward, users just need to deposit their materials at a reverse vending machine and then scan the receipt.

Ecoterra takes its green efforts a step further by encouraging users to spend their $ECOTERRA to offset their own carbon emissions. The platform has partnered with solar and wind energy projects to offer certified carbon credits, which users can purchase with $ECOTERRA tokens.

Ecoterra also enables eco-minded consumers to direct their spending towards businesses that share their values. The project is building a green retail marketplace where every business has a sustainability report card.

This enables consumers to see at a glance what efforts a business has made to help the planet.

Ecoterra is offering $ECOTERRA tokens on presale now at a price of only $0.0085. That’s a 15% discount from the expected list price of $0.01, so early investors can lock in paper returns.

The project has proved very attractive to investors so far, raising more than $4.2 million. The project has a hard cap of $6.7 million, so it’s more than 60% sold out already.

Visit Ecoterra Presale

Launchpad XYZ Raises $600k for Innovative Web3 Dashboards

Launchpad XYZ is solving one of the biggest problems that crypto traders and investors face every day: there’s too much information spread across too many different platforms.

Finding information about a new crypto token or NFT collection and pairing that with broader market insights can be surprisingly difficult. Investors have to use multiple different analysis platforms, often piecing together data in a painstaking process.

Launchpad XYZ is bringing all of the information Web3 investors need together in a suite of cutting-edge dashboards. It covers trending crypto tokens, new crypto presales, NFT collections, and much more.

With Launchpad XYZ, investors can see how the market is doing, compare tokens against one another, and track price changes over time. The project also offers analysis tools and custom metrics for new token offerings.

One of these custom metrics is the Launchpad Quotient (LQ), which grades every new crypto and NFT project on a scale from 0-100. It’s a simple but powerful measure to help investors decide what assets are hot.

Launchpad XYZ plans to add a trading terminal, decentralized exchange, and NFT collection. It will also host new presale launches and NFT mints, providing exclusive early access to the platform’s users.

In order to access all of these perks, traders and investors will need the project’s native $LPX token. $LPX gives users discounts on trading fees and access to all of Launchpad’s dashboards. Plus, investors who stake $LPX can get guaranteed allocations of new tokens that launch on Launchpad XYZ.

$LPX is available now for only $0.0445, so early investors stand to earn paper returns of 22% by the token’s ICO. Launchpad XYZ has raised more than $610,000 and is well on its way to reaching its presale soft cap.

Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale

Deelance Builds Decentralized Freelance Marketplace to Upend $5.2 Billion Industry

The final token on our list is Deelance, which is taking aim at the $5.2 billion freelance platforms industry with its new decentralized marketplace. The platform competes directly with existing marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, but offers significant advantages.

First and foremost, Deelance leverages its decentralized structure to offer lower prices than existing marketplaces. Businesses pay only 2% of each transaction when hiring freelancers—the lowest fee in the industry. Freelancers pay 10% per contract, which is tied for the lowest fee in the industry.

On top of that, Deelance enables freelancers to get paid in cryptocurrency. This eliminates costly foreign transaction fees and lets them take home more of their pay.

Deelance uses an efficient escrow system that delivers payments faster and more securely It’s also introducing a scalable, blockchain-based dispute resolution system.

Another unique element of Deelance is its system for minting intellectual property as NFTs. These NFTs are transferred to businesses along with other deliverables, ensuring that companies have complete ownership over the work that they pay for.

After building this marketplace, Deelance plans to create a metaverse for freelancers and businesses to connect. The metaverse will offer virtual office space, advertising, meeting spaces, and more.

Businesses and freelancers will need $DLANCE tokens in order to pay for services in the Deelance metaverse. The Deelance presale has already raised more than $1 million.

Investors can buy $DLANCE during the presale for $0.033, a more than 40% discount from its planned list price. So, the presale is an enticing opportunity for freelancers, businesses, and Web3 investors who see metaverse-based freelancing as the future of work.

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